Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodnight January

YEEEEEY AT LAST! A new skin for my blog thanks to hahaha. I was too lazy to do codes so I just downloaded a skin from that site. Do check it out, it has a lot of nice skins for blogger too bad the skins there don't support tumblr or I am just dumb and don't know how to modify codes from blogskins to fit in tumblr :)). Like my skin? like my skin? I do like it so much... my blog looks so "hey-im-a-sophisticated-blogger" type of thaaang. Well the only flaw in this skin is that the comments aren't working, I am still currently working on it.  I changed again my layout because the comments thing acted like a bitch so I changed again the layout, I can't find the code for the comments to work on the classic template so I updated my blogger again to the new template style... wasted effort was wasted. I just edited the layout close to the one that I downloaded earlier. Anyway I downloaded the blogger app on my phone so I don't have an excuse not to blog to be lazy hehehe.

And now I'll share to you guys my January Haul. ~~ But before that I want to show my face first hehehe.
Trying to look cute hahaha
So, first off -- Topshop
I am loving this pair of dress shorts (if there is any term) and its also a bargain hehehe 

I finally found a (for me) HARD-TO-FIND (adult) lace socks hehehe

Sporty -- I am not really a sporty type of person but I really need exercise so I bought these and this will be my "new" side of me haha.
My first pair of Mizuno spikes, which is slightly bigger than my regular size.

Nike football ball. I am not really a fan of ManU but this was the cheapest with good quality that I saw. It's in size 5, I believe its the normal size I think. 

I am really loving these necklaces that I bought somewhere in Manila for about 500 Pesos.

 AAAAAAAAAnd thats about it! I'm a broke girl hahaha. I really wanted to take dainty dainty pictures woth soft tones but I'm loving the sharpness that my camera gave me today so these are the results lol hahaa. I'll end this post with a pony...