Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

First of all in commemoration of the Chinese New Year… I had a hair cut (because when you have your haircut before the new year it will bring you luck, they say) and now my hair is really really short and I also colored my hair with Revlon Medium Brown… If you may ask what happened to my hair… I donated it to the cancer foundation and they will make it a wig.

BV some kuya behind me
I had a photowalk with my friends Kuya Leo and (Kuya) Karel in Binondo to cover the 2013 Chinese New Year!!! I really had fun hahahaha… actually it was a surprise photowalk haahahha not really planned at all.

A fire spitting gay

cute shobe is cute

"we are photographers yeah!"


The highlight of the day… I shook hands with the "it" mayor! MAYOR LIM!!!! it was a very nice moment… hahahha it felt like "eeeermehhhhrgerd I shook hands with the greatest mayor of Manila!!!!" If I am a Manilena he has all my votes hahahaha. Anyway weeks ago I watched a biography film of Mayor Lim…. hahahahhaa fan… too bad I don't have a picture with him but my friend, Kuya Leo does hahaha.
Yeah!!! Angkong doing the peace sign

I'm gonna end this post here with my artsy artsy photo taken by Karel…

 if you want to see the rest of the pictures click here. Yes, yes? heheheehe

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