Friday, March 29, 2013

Of all things

I really had a very happy February and March even though March isn't even over yet. If life can be just replayed, I'll do it all over and over and over and over again! Last February 12, Minechika, went back here in the Philippines to spend his vacation because its school break in Japan. It took him here for a month and 2 weeks. We waited to be together again was about 6 months, because he left September 2012. Both of us felt lonely and most of the time. We wished to be together again for like everyday... but with the help of technology and amazing iPhone apps we felt together, thanks to Line, Facetime and Skype hehehe.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello hehehe its been awhile.. I am currently spending my time with my Minechika because he's currently here in the Philippines. He came back here last Feb. 12 and we're rollin!!! Last Feb. 18 we celebrated our 3rd year together!!! We are a happy chubby couple. :)

Anyway back to my main point of this blog post. Days ago he gave me an egg well the Japanese(they) call it Gatcha or gacha i'm not sure hehehe so here it is.... Dundundun.....
Guess what's inside this