Saturday, January 5, 2013

Me and my late new year post

I have a few resolutions with me that I hope I could make it as a habit.

  1. Still gain weight but make tummy part flat (which is im having a hard time) 
  2. Earn more, spend less (especially when I am strolling alone)
  3. Have regular hair trims
  4. Go to the dentist MONTHLY (lol)
  5. Eat like a king once a week
  6. Drive the car more often (for practice hahaha)
Basically I just have 6 resolutions and I don't wanna stress myself with a list full of resolutions that I can't even make come true hahah. 

As of my plans for 2013, I would like to
  1. Revamp this blog and rename it to Hypertwig
  2. Start a youtube channel about anything I do. I dont want to box myself into a one category
  3. Post outfit posts in lookbook more
  4. NEVER EVER neglect my planner
  5. SAVE BIGTIME for my 2014 field trip to JAPAN
  6. Extra patient to learn Fookien hahah (baby steps)
  7. Save 50 pesos weekly for the Naked Palette (everyone has one and I don't lol) 
  8. Save another 50 pesos for the ROCKBAND starter set which I really really wanna have because I'm so cool hahaha lol... I can't feel our PS3 without the rockband game I feel its a must hahha
  9. Save "again" for camera body upgrade Nikon d7000 (hahahahha I wish) BUT seriously I want an upgrade I can't enjoy my prime lens without an AF motor and my eyesight is poor already and not reliable hahha
  10. Practice confidence more. 
Anyway that's about it so far... I really hope to make these come true and slap myself out of joy in December hahahaha 

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