Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Of making things...

For the past few days I did a D.I.Y. and restorations. You know, its kinda fulfilling if you have done something by yourself and it also adds +plus+plus+sentimental value to the item and also doing D.I.Y can make your skill up 1 level just like in the game of Sims...

Restoration #1:  Restoring an old, unusable nailpolish
Most of us (maybe) use acetone to fix stubborn nail polishes but its not the proper ingredient to add to nail polishes because it ruins the polish even more so I lurked around youtube and they say that if you want to save your favorite nail polish you've gotta use a "nail polish thinner" something like that... so yeah... I went to the supermarket and look for one -- and I bought this Caronia Solvent for Php30. In this 15ml bottle I saved 8 nail polishes... whooo happy kid is happy. I am so hyped when I saw that it softened my eight stubborn nail polishes. :)  

Last April I went to Quiapo to satisfy myself by camera/film window shopping at Hidalgo. And out of curiosity I went to the next street because the street has full of DIY-ness and tried my luck to see some gems and studs because I want to deco-den my phone (lol gyaru much?) but failed BUT BUT BUT!!! I saw this chain its about a yard and I bought it for Php 20... ok no? :) The reason why I bought it because I want to turn the bow that Kaila gave me as a necklace... anyway for a yard I can make 2 necklaces...
Rainbowholic Bow :)
I got sad when the red heart at the center fell off and I just noticed it when its already gone :(
Restoration #2: A pocket watch
Anyway back to the restoration part... I saw this pocket watch when I cleaned my clutter at the storage area of our house and had this idea to turn it into a necklace... so pretty :)

D.I.Y.: Detachable Collar
I took the advice from Chriselle Lim's tutorial about detachable collars :) So, I bought a blouse from a thrift store... cut the collar part and there... you have your detachable collar. SO EASY, lavvet!! :) I just spent Php100 for 3 pieces of blouses... Detachable collars are usually expensive (its around Php 250 pesos...) I also added a belt of sequins to spice it up :) 
Anyone wants to exchange links?? :)

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