Monday, June 18, 2012

A day full of...

Yesterday was father's day, so my family and I went to the Mall of Asia to spend quality time and also to visit Uniqlo. When we were at the area where Uniqlo is... we're very surprised because there was a really long line (and the setup is like riding a ride on a themepark hahaha), lots of guards and bouncers LOL. hahahah :)) My parents said that we'll go back there on an ordinary day because even if their price is not Php 590 anymore its still reasonable... like come on a pair of pants for Php 990(regular price correct me if I'm wrong) -- its good already. Other shops even local shops sell pair of pants for like more than a thousand (regular price).

Anyway, I love my look yesterday. I am happy that I manage to wore falsies yesterday without feeling any weirdness. I now have the confidence to wear falsies outside the house...because I only wear falsies when I do practice putting on make-up. Shopping for falsies is quite addictive too... my collection is now growing...
The day's look.
Top Lashes from Daiso
OOOOOHHH its really pretty see??? I tried Sasaki Asahi's tutorial here... I still need more practice. I actually have 4 sets of top lashes and most of the lashes are from Daiso and China Town... I also have the Dollywink ones but I only prefer staring at it not using it hahahaha... lol but I used it once already. I also have two pairs of bottom lashes (from Daiso also) and I tried to put it on once but I already ruined a piece when I removed it from the case... lol yeah

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