Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dressing up

Before I forget! I did something back in April while doing my summer thesis. I dressed up my other laptop <3 I have been with my mother's laptop for more than two years.
This is the picture of the Acer laptop before I dressed it up.

Its in its pretty bad state... The laptop dropped from my school desk a year ago because of the stupid school desk... YES IM BLAMING IT TO THE INANIMATE OBJECT!!! It has a lot of cracks and I just taped the cracks all together.

Don't call me a bad owner... I totally love this laptop. Partners in crime literally 24/7... right now its kinda giving up on me because it gives me blue screens from time to time, talk about heavy "designer" applications.

Dirt from my face, lol joke hahaha... I cleaned my laptop and this is the result... a handful of black dirt. I  cleaned my the exteriors of my laptop with rubbing alcohol, vacuumed the spaces between the keys in the keyboard and wiped the lcd with the microfiber(?) cloth. And also, I glued the cracks with superglue.

See its all clean now...

I did my own skin by buying a vinyl sticker from Ace Hardware, I got it for 170(?) for 5m. Before sticking the sticker I sprayed clear laquer on to the sticker to give it a glossy finish.

This is the end product. Good as new. It kinda match my sheet hahaha. 


Riane M. said...

Nice! :) Looks new ;)

ANNE KATE said...

Thanks... : ) try it too :)