Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ano balak mo sa buhay?

Last Sunday, I went to SMX with my friend Karen to attend the last leg of Philippine Fashion Week. We went there just because of Allison Harvard! We may not have a picture with her but maaaaaan, we saw her in flesh!!! GRABE!!! SHE'S SO PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, aaaaand ummm PERFECT!!! Although, Karen and I's happiness were not really fulfilled because we didn't have a chance to have a picture with her. AAAAHHH I'm still jelly at the other people who are so lucky... My hype for Alli is still not yet over tho its almost a week since I saw her.
I grabbed this instagram photo from karen hahaha
Its so hard to take photos inside because of the thick crowd. Sometimes I think of wanting to have a point and shoot just for events like this.

MOVING ON... I think I am breaking my promise to myself to regularly update this blog, because my family stays more often in Pasig now and things that are happening there are pretty plain. Wake, go to our store, go home or wake up, go to our store, go home, and then go back to our store. (hmmm I'll cut this paragraph abruptly, haha!!!)

I miss my boyfriend and friends also, I still can't believe that school life is over and off to Job hunting. Last night, I applied to some companies already, mejo nakakaadik rin pala mag apply apply online hhahahaha!! tas, my mama asked me... "Anak, ano balak mo sa buhay?" I answered I want to gain weight then work... and fix my sleeping store. I am actually sad about my store because of the long hiatus it had... I lose interest already... I am thinking of closing it and selling my remaining stocks to online sellers... but I am still not sure about it.

That's all for now... I am already out of words... I hope I can update this with a more interesting post.

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