Thursday, May 24, 2012

FINALLY: the end of the chapter

I havent blog for a long time, I also dont had the time to update my eyeliner review for the past weeks due to my summer class. I don't know if I should delete the review post or just update it hmmm mehhh~ I might do the updating later anyway... to begin this I will post my lookbook look hahaha

That's a picture of me in my uniform that I will no longer wear anymore because I am finally done with college! Yes I am very happy because I made my parents happy finally... the saying "Huli man, maihahabol rin" is really true. I am happy and I am also happy for my summer classmates that we finished  the hardest obstacle school work with happy faces. Now, its a bum's life hahaha !!!

For me, college life is amazing and exiting, COLLEGE > High School. Its more fun in college, I have experienced a lot of things in college like participating and be a finalist of two nation wide competitions and represent the school's name, going home very late, no sleep for a lot of days, spend food allowance  on expensive art materials to be used, to be almost a Dean's lister for a lot of times, overnights, paskuhans and <3<3<3(you know what I mean).

UST is my dream school and forever will be. I can still clearly remember the day I applied for UST, my 1st day in college experience, flood experiences and fireworks haha I gotta say loud and proud that I experienced a lot of  major events in history and be a part of a world record hahaha.

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