Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Haul: Post-birthday and Holy Week

I have been shopping a bit lately. Working hard and earning money is fun and rewarding. Its nice to feel that you can buy the stuff you want with your own money. With the money i had, i made a list of stuff that I want to buy, clothes are on the list but my parents forbid me to buy clothes because they said that I have too many now and should buy other stuff.

Yesterday was a very hot day and I had lunch with my family and Minechika -- happy happy :) After our lunch Minechika and I went to his Japanese School and off to Hidalgo. When we were at Hidalgo, I can't believe my eyes that there are no center isle vendors now and the street is now very clean... thumbs up.
Yeeey my very own prime lens!!!
c/o my grandparents... thank you po :)

A remote for my d40 and a soft filter by nikon.
I'll do a review of it someday.

A new mascara. I like Nichido cosmetics...
its the only Filipino cosmetic line that I like and love.
Love your own, buy Pinoy. :)

My birthday was last March 19. I am pretty happy that most of the things of the list were granted. :D Some of the stuff that I'll show was given to me by my parents and by myself.

Suesh brushes <3

A big roller for my bangs 

Inspiring Japanese notebooks to use for summer

A set of DOLLY WINK LASHES in no. 1!!! 

The famous One Day Tattoo.
I'll try this after I finish my Dolly Wink tube

A pair of Ruby wedges :P

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