Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sketchbook story

Here are my sketchbooks from 2008 to present.
Each sketchbook is unique and has different qualities.
Sketchbook #1: 
I got this sketchbook from my grandmother back in 2008. It has a soft-cushioned cover with a victorian pattern. What I really like about this is the paper -- it has this hand-made effect, so it has a visible paper texture.  Whenever I draw here, I use HBW pen. Idk, I just love that pen next to iPen and Panda ballpens.
some old self portrait back in 2009
black and red pen
Sketchbook #2:
A Moleskine. I got this Moleskine from my boyfriend back in Christmas 2009 (2nd year college). It was a surprise gift from him because I really didn't expect that he'll give me one because moleskines are  expensive. Anyway, this is a Moleskine Sketchbook in RED, my favorite colour, and I named it Hiiro just because... hahaha. As you can see I almost used the half of it and I really make a point that whenever I draw there it supposed to be BEAUTIFUL not just ok but BEAUTIFUL hahaha you know what I mean... lol. I basically use any medium here but markers... markers bleed.
 Sketchbook #3:
I got this sketchbook by accident because there was no stock for Rhodia sketch block at Fully Booked(High Street) so my mama got this for me. I supposed to use this sketchbook for school last summer but its too beautiful for me to use for sketching concepts so I just kept it in my drawer for months hahaha and just used it a couple of days ago ahahaha :)). Its paper is thick and textured so I guess its also good with watercolor (which I havent tried yet), and colored pencils
blurry photo is blurry but whatever...
I might scan this one day...
Together with my Campus sketchbook, my mama bought this for me from Muji. I used this sketch book back in summer class. I almost consume all the pages, back to back... What I like about this is the paper, not too thick not too thin.

I don't know if you also feel this and agree with me... it really depends on the paper whenever you draw. If the paper is good your drawing is good too, but when the paper is not of good quality ... the mood for drawing is not really there...


XOXO said...

Go Kate!

ANNE KATE said...

Thanks : )

Caryl the Magnificent said...

Your sketches are pretty rad! :) Looking forward to more illustrations. So, yeah =))


ANNE KATE said...

Thank you :)