Friday, July 27, 2012

A weeeeek

I don't know how will I start this entry, I feel awkward and have been cmd+a and delete all the things that I have written before this one. lol hahahah Its been a quiet week for me here down south, I went here for freelance purposes and also for the stable internet we have here hahahaha, which we don't have  at our other house. Anyway I have been thinking lately about how will I sell my "cute" unisex size shirts. I have problems with myself about the shipping and all I am thinking of doing it by meetups/pickups at our stores and have kaliwaan deal. I posted an ad about it on and I have received a private message from a non sulit member, he/she said that he wants to buy ___ pcs from me and will pay thru paypal. I was not like "ogrhthonbvfoe wooow nigeituhgiuethguhvhv" but I was like "is this true?" I emailed him quite a number of times and my parents said not to deal with it nalang because it might be bogus. My online shop is sleeping and I don't know when it will wake up again. I am planning of selling my products to online sellers... if anyone is interested you can email me.

The FUN part. I have a haul... I like hauls, just because... lol anyway I'll show you now...

I was inspired by Clothesencounter's idea about thrifting, buying clothes from the men's section and hey its not a bad idea! I saw this flannel for $2, its made of wool and I like the way its oversized, literally its men's XL! Btw, Its a long sleeves polo and I cut the sleeves to make it a vest. 

 Moving on... I bought a sling bag from Kids of Bayo, because my favorite (slightly big)Topshop hand/sling bag (next to my [RIP] brown Adidas bag) is kinda start to wear-out already due to everyday usage. I originally want a satchel where my-chan (my dslr) could fit but all satchels that I see don't have zippers and I am not fond of using bags without zippers because I commute and bags without zippers are a key to thieves. Sooooo, I bought this cute bag, originally its $17.00 but I got it for around $8.00, yeeey!!!

Its been a long time since I bought a gel liner, and its quite sometime too that I want to try and buy a gel liner but I have this love/hate relationship about gel liners because I had this SUCKY gel liner from The Face Shop and I just used it for like 2-3 times and it became ROCK SOLID, unusable, useless and all the other negative adjectives. I tried to save it by melting it with heat gun, soaking it to boiling water, put eye drops and etc. etc. ways to save it and non of it worked... Anyway, I bought a gel liner from my 1st love makeup brand Bloom. I bought it for $8.53, not bad, not bad.. and its really not bad! It doesn't smudge, it stays for a long time and for me its quite waterproof. It also comes with an eyeliner brush....

The haul is done, I would like to share to you a DIY that I did... its a crown of flowers, girly I know!
It took me 3 bouquets of beautiful fake flowers... I have a big head lol hahaha :))

Basically that's it... I hope you like this "post" hahaha lol... hype my latest look on lookbook if you like hahaha shameless plugging lol. AND ALSO... I'm open for link exchange... drop a comment if interested 

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